The Good Guest brings The Indoor Sleeping Bag
For a Comfortable Stay Away from Home

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Did you know…?

Did you know that an adult can lose up to 1 pint of sweat during the night whilst sleeping? That is a lot of sweat! And what’s more, sweating during the night can cause those ghastly stains on sheets which require time and effort to clean and press.


Sweating during the night can be because of being too hot in layers and layers of bed clothes – especially in the winter months where one simply wants to get warm as quickly as possible when initially in bed but will later regret the amount of bed sheets used! That is where The Good Guest comes in handy!


Our Indoor Sleeping Bags are made with an insulating fabric called PrimaLoft which is recognized as the most efficient warmth to weight man made fibre in the world. In fact, goose down is it’s natural equivalent but is not washable.


This filling is chosen above all for serious Polar expeditions and for the finest skiwear, yet it has the capacity to breathe and is cool in summer conditions which means it also fantastic for sleeping in!


All this makes the Indoor Sleeping Bag the perfect addition to any household not only for guests, but also for those uncomfortable hot nights where you want to be warm but without the fuss!


Moreover, our Indoor Sleeping Bags can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees and do not have to be ironed so can save time and effort in cleaning!


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