The Good Guest brings The Indoor Sleeping Bag
For a Comfortable Stay Away from Home

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more about the Indoor Sleeping Bag…

The Indoor Sleeping Bag is lightweight and easy to travel with – for overnight stays with friends or anywhere else you might sleep away from home.

The Indoor Sleeping Bag is easy to fold and smart enough to take to the most beautiful spare rooms but will not look out of place in a yurt or a cave. Your host will be most grateful for your kind thought.
You will save all that washing and ironing palaver every time a spare bed is used.

It gives you the opportunity to sleep in your own bed linen, washed in your own particular washing powder if you have sensitive skin and is remarkably warm and very comfortable. It is lined in beautiful Sea Island cotton which gives a soft, smooth and fine feel.

As The Indoor Sleeping Bag is so compact it’s perfect for camper vans, boats and horse boxes – really anywhere you want a comfortable luxurious place to sleep where space is an issue. They make pretty cushions so don’t need to be stuffed away. In a car they come in handy if weather conditions and unexpected delays prevent you from getting to your destination and they’re brilliant for holiday cottages.
“You Will Be A Very Welcomed Guest”.

The Indoor Sleeping Bag is lined in Sea Island cotton and made with a two-way YKK zip down one side and across one end. The bottom of the Indoor Sleeping Bag can be left open if you like your feet to breathe. It opens up to just short of 6ft square. When folded over and zipped up it makes a seamless, generous sleeping bag. Two can be zipped together to make a double sleeping bag.

We have a deluxe linen range, the Fosbury that just gets better and better the more you wash it – the Fosbury will become an old, comfortable friend over years of happy use.

The Indoor Sleeping Bag is made and quilted in the UK, is washable and quick drying and doesn’t need ironing. We are supporting seven English factories.