The Good Guest brings The Indoor Sleeping Bag
For a Comfortable Stay Away from Home

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The Indoor Sleeping Bag

The Good Guest brings The Indoor Sleeping Bag
- For a Comfortable Stay Away from Home

The Indoor Sleeping Bag is lightweight and easy to travel with - for overnight stays with friends and family or anywhere else you might sleep away from home.

The Indoor Sleeping Bags are designed to be used by men, women and children and come in a variety of colours and styles. They are a friend to the environment - rather than the need to take linens away on holiday or asking hosts to provide a made bed for the night, the Indoor Sleeping Bag provides an economical way to stay away from home without the need to replace linens.

It gives the user the opportunity to sleep in one's own bed linen, washed in familiar washing powder - a necessity for those with sensitive skin.

The sleeping bags are light, bright and breathable, are machine washable and quick drying. They also have a signature coloured zip that can allow two bags to become one.

As The Indoor Sleeping Bags are neat and compact they are very useful in a caravan, a boat, a lorry, in a horsebox and to take to holiday rentals and even to B&Bs.

"You Will Be A Very Welcomed Guest"

The Indoor Sleeping Bag comes in ranges including; The Fosbury, The Bedwyn, The Sleepy and a children’s range, all with a variety of designs, colours and patterns to suit many tastes.

Using fine materials such as Sea Island cotton, Italian cotton and PrimaLoft® insulation - a material which provides superior insulation - the Indoor Sleeping Bag is a touch of luxury.

Our basic range of cheerful Indoor Sleeping Bags from our Fair Trade factory in Mumbai are called The Bedwyn. They come In 4 colours with contrasting cotton lining, they are light, bright and breathable and easy to fling over your shoulder to take wherever you go. They are a little cheaper than our other ranges due to being lined with base cotton and ordinary polyester but still have the same quality as all of our sleeping bags.

Additionally, we have a deluxe range - The Fosbury - made with fine Italian linen that just gets better and better the more that you wash it.

Henry Royce once said "The quality remains long after the price is forgotten."